12 Delicious Duck Egg Recipes to Try As Soon As Possible (2024)

The first time I was introduced to duck eggs I was a bit apprehensive about trying them but a girl young enough to be my daughter (barely) swore by them. She said they make her brownies so much better tasting. Then I figured, why not throw caution to the wind. We only have one life to live right?

The brownies were awesome and I was hooked. Especially after I found out that duck eggs stay fresh longer due to their thicker shells and that many people who are allergic to chicken eggs can still eat duck eggs (but double check with your doctor!).

After deciding I like the richer taste, I had to come up with some recipes. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Delicious Duck Egg Recipes

1. Duck Egg Brownies

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Brownies were what got me started with this whole love of duck eggs so it is only natural to start here. My student prefers to use a store bought mix to make her brownies. It does help from understanding the difference in taste since everything else should be the same but I will always prefer scratch over a boxed mix!

The taste really is fudgier and is perfect right out of the oven. Combine it with coffee or chocolate and it is ideal for a rainy day treat.

I found this recipe and altered it – instead of using four eggs, I used two duck eggs.

2. Maple Custard

12 Delicious Duck Egg Recipes to Try As Soon As Possible (3)

This was the second recipe I had to try after making sure that it was okay to eat duck eggs. Despite the richer flavor of the egg, the lack of sugar in this recipe means that it is not as sweet. I think it makes for a better tasting custard and your sugar levels will not spike!

You can find the recipe here.

Maybe you are after the sweeter version that is thought about when Christmas rolls around. The addition of nutmeg makes this custard even more of a simple delight. If you are okay with a little sugar spike, then give this recipe a try. Be sure to let me know which one of the two you prefer!

3. Duck Egg Over Hamburger

I personally would not have thought of this; however, when an owner/chef of a five-star restaurant recommends a duck egg over a hamburger in a manner that makes your mouth water, you do not second guess him.

Make the egg over medium (yolk runny and whites done) and cook the burger the way that you normally would. Add the egg to the top of the meat and cheese on top, if desired. I dare say… it tastesas good as he made it sound when recommending it to us.

4. Steak and Eggs

12 Delicious Duck Egg Recipes to Try As Soon As Possible (4)

Since we are on the topic of great meats that pair well with eggs, steak and eggs should be something that we eat during a time in which we can really savor it. I prefer to have it on the weekend in the winter time. Things seem to be a little calmer during the winter and I can fully embrace the perfect combination of tastes.

Naturally, substitute the four eggs for two or decide to enjoy the larger egg as a part of the meal.

Going above and beyond the article‘s recommendation, in the winter months, I can grab a coffee ale from my local brewery. The coffee ale washes this weekend morning breakfast down perfectly.

5. Bacon Hash with Fried Duck Egg

If you are more of a potato person, then this should be right up your alley. The great aspect of this recipe is that you could tweak it to what you like, omitting the shallots and adding peppers or whatever you prefer.

I am a big supporter of taking a recipe and tweaking it. I would make this in a heartbeat for my husband who really enjoys a good hash recipe.

Thankfully for those of us who are not as big of fans of potatoes (like me), this recipe has duck eggs – which means the eggs are large enough so the taste doesn’t feel submerged with potatoes. It is, honestly, a nice blend of the two.

6. Duck Egg Pasta

12 Delicious Duck Egg Recipes to Try As Soon As Possible (5)

Pasta is super simple to make and this recipe makes it seem that much easier. And fresh pasta tastes so different than what is bought at the store. Dare I say, it was a life-changing moment for me when, at the age of fifteen, I tried my grandmother’s homemade noodles at Thanksgiving. Why had she and my mother been hiding this secret all my life?

I highly recommend a breadboard if you have one as it helps you with clean up.

I just want to throw it out there that the ingredients the author of this recipeadvises with the pasta, makes me want to make a batch right now!

7. Hard Boiled Duck Egg

This recipe probably seems so simple but boiled eggs are good for so many different recipes and my girls will eat them by themselves.

My personal favorite boiled egg recipe is egg salad. You know, the kind with mayonnaise on toasted wheat bread.

Other recipes that call for boiled eggs include deviled eggs, salad nicoise, and smoked salmon and egg sandwich.

8. Poached Eggs

12 Delicious Duck Egg Recipes to Try As Soon As Possible (6)

Poached eggs are sometimes deemed as too hard to make but with practice, they become easier and easier.

The taste of a poached egg alone makes the practice worth it. Much richer in flavor than an over medium egg, it still gives the runny yolk that goes perfectly with toast.

This recipe adds in whipping cream and chives which makes it that much more delicate tasting. Combine the recipe with some fresh vegetables from the garden and I’m convinced we have a winner!

9. Quiche

Quiche is one of my daughters’ favorite breakfast foods and to get my picky eaters excited about something I enjoy, always gets me excited.

The flaky crust combined with the eggs and whatever ingredient you want to add in makes for a delectable main dish.

My girls request bacon and cheese while I prefer to add vegetables, such as mushrooms and onions as well. Whatever you choose to add to this recipe, be sure to savor every bite!

10. Mayonnaise

I tweaked this recipe a bit by using light olive oil. Extra virgin, which most people hear about, is really strong, but light olive oil is lighter in taste (hence, the name) and makes for a wonderful mayonnaise.

Also, he talks about whisking that and I recommend letting the food processor do the whisking while you just slowly pour in the olive oil!

He also goes one for one on chicken vs. duck egg but notes that you don’t get the great taste of the duck egg if you substitute. All I can say is it will turn out differently. I do recommend a lot of tweaking of his recipe but no matter what,homemade mayonnaise is worth the effort.

11. Chocolate Chip Cookies

12 Delicious Duck Egg Recipes to Try As Soon As Possible (7)

If brownies become fudgier, imagine what it can do for cookies!

One of the first articles that I read on duck egg usage had a person recommend sugar cookies as a recipe. Even better is chocolate chip cookies. I like my cookies to be a little less on the chocolate and a little more on the cookie. Add some pecans to the mix for an extra crunch of goodness.

No matter how you like them, chocolate chip cookies pretty much sell themselves. Perfect for a snack after work or school, dessert, or well, anytime. Theseextra fudgy cookies will disappear very quickly!

12. Duck Egg Sponge Cake

We all know what sponge cake pairs well with – whipped cream and strawberries! I grew up with the round ones from Walmart and the taste reminded me of cardboard… YUCK! So when I was able to make sponge cake on my own, I was shocked by how light and fluffy the cake was when homemade.

That was amped when I made this recipeand I will never go back. I prefer everything else the way it was made for my summers – with strawberries that had been sitting on the counter soaking up the sugar for a couple of hours and a dollop of fresh whipping cream.


I hope these recipes have you interested in thinking out of the box when it comes to cooking. No matter if you are a five-star chef or a person scratching their head about what to do with the extra eggs from your flock, getting out and learning is what it is all about.

If you want to know exactly how the duck eggs are different from other eggs, be sure to check out our articleon the ins and outs and all the benefits!

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12 Delicious Duck Egg Recipes to Try As Soon As Possible (2024)


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