15 DIY Cord Organizers to Keep Your Wires and Cables Untangled (2024)

We’ve all experienced the heart sinking feeling when we see that the cord we need is in a tangled web of other cords in your drawers, your purse, or your luggage when you’re traveling. Well, you can relax because we’ve got you covered with these 15 DIY cord organizers!

These power cables are essential to the life of your electronic devices. We’ve covered some clever ways to hide ugly wires in your home, but what can you do with cables, cords and wires that you use more frequently?

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DIY Cord and Wire Organization Ideas

We’ve all spent countless hours trying to free these cords from the mess, all the while vowing that we will never again allow the cords to become this tangled, and then only to find ourselves in the same predicament a month (or so) later.

1. Toilet Paper Rolls Keeps Cords Untangled and Organized

Save your toilet paper rolls! Slip a cord into each one to keep them separate from the others in storage. Don’t forget to label them so you can pick out the cord you need without any difficulty. A great solution for any cord organization problem.

2. Bread Ties help Sort the Power Bar Cords

Keep those bread ties for this brilliant DIY Cord Organizer idea! So simple. So fast. Using different colors will also add extra ease. You’ll soon remember which colour is for which cord. Don’t forget to label cords on both endsso you’ll always know what you’re unplugging. I love this!

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Labels are Perfect Solution for DIY Cord Organizers

3. Use a Label Maker for a Professional Look

If you have access to a label maker, this is a perfect solution and gives a nice clean, professional look. Clear labels printed and attached to the correct cord will make it so much easier when you climb under the desk to reboot your computer! What a relief to know you’ve found the right one. I’ll use any excuse to break out my label maker! This is brilliant!

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4. Washi Tape Works Wonders to help with DIY Cord Organization

Charging cords for all our electronics can be so annoying to keep track of! Seriously, why so many different charging cords for so many different devices?! They seem to come in all different sizes and shapes and it’s so hard to remember which is for which device. Washi tape and markers are the quick, simple solution to help you keep your sanity and make life so much less frustrating.

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Keep Wires and Cords Untangled while Traveling

5. Fabric Storage Pouches are Perfect DIY Cord Organizers

If you’re the crafty type, make your own cable cozy to keep the cords and cables to all your devices. The elastic separated sections allows for easy cord slip in and take out. Plus, the zipper pouch is perfect for the wall plugs and extra USB or camera memory card. Excellent for traveling!

Here’s another way to make it!

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6. Leather Cord Roll keeps Electronic Cords Tidy

This leather cord roll is a simple and stylish option if sewing isn’t your thing. Easy peasy with fake leather. Just cut and the shape and make slits for cords with these simple steps:

  • Cut leather 5″ wide strips (the length depends on what chargers or cords you want to wrap up)
  • Use an exacto knife and a metal ruler to cut slits to act as loops for your cords and your wall charger.
  • Add a snap with a snap fastening tool. Be sure to do this after you have your cords in place so that you know where the snap needs to be placed.

Wrap it up in a roll and it’s ready to be put away. Bonus: the leather is strong enough to keep the wires and cords protected.

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7. Clothespin Clips forDIY Cord Organizers

If you have a lot of people in your family, this hack is for you! Don’t you get tired of figuring out whose earbuds are who’s? In my home, I find earbuds in all sorts of interesting places. This would be ideal for each person in the family. It can fit nicely in a lunch bag or purse. One little clothespin will solve the problem!

Use a clothespin to contain the chaos! Cover the clothespins with labeled washi tape so you’ll know which earbuds belong to which person. An added bonus would be to colour code the earbud with the washi tape so you know who’s earbuds are missing.(See more clothespin hacksand electronics organization tips!)

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8. Binder Clips Keeps Cords Sorted!

Binder clips work well for cord oranization because it keeps the cords tight and folded and you can label the clip, too. Attach labels to the top of the clips and add matching label to the cords. Just what you needed to keep your cords untangled and easy to find in your lap top bag or in your electronics drawer.

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9. Ribbon Twist Ties are Efficient and Practical

Ribbon twist ties are functional and pretty! Using grosgrain ribbon that doesn’t fray, some thin wire and a little glue. you can easily make a slit and twist the ribbon to keep it nice and taut. Glue the thin wire between two layers of grosgrain ribbon, let it dry, and you’re ready to twist it around your cords. Super simple!

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10. Sunglass Cases Keep Cords in Order

Keep it simple! When you’re traveling, keep chargers and earbuds in an old sunglass case so they don’t get tangled in your purse or luggage. Or ask any one who wears glasses full-time. They’re sure to have a few cases laying around! And these small little packages are sized perfectly for cords and come with different types of access points — hinges, pockets, etc. Genius idea!

11. Simple Fabric Cord Wraps work like Magic

DIY cord keepers are another excellent option for travel. If you are even a beginner seamstress with limited sewing skills, you can make these simple fabric wraps! This would even be a great little sewing project for a budding young seamstress – a grandma and grandchild special date. All you need is a couple of scraps of fabric, some medium weight interfacing, about an inch of velcro, and about 20 minutes.

  • Cut two pieces of fabric the same size.
  • Cut two small 1 inch pieces of velcro.
  • Stitch the two pieces of fabric with right sides together, leaving an inch open for turning.
  • Turn the cord keepers right side out through the open space.
  • Stitch to both secure the layers, and close off the open turning space.
  • Attach the velcro pieces to either end of the cord keeper. One side should go on the front, and one on the back.

Wrap this lovely fabric wrap around your cords and chargers to keep things nice and tidy. Who doesn’t like a bit of organization and a tangle free solution?

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12.Wine Cork Ties is a Great DIY Cord Organizer

Use old wine corks to make your own cord ties. They’re super simple.Buy mini bungee cords, cut off the hooks, drill holes through the cork and you’re ready to assemble your wine cork tie! Please note: you will need to use synthetic rubber corks, since the real corks will crack too easily. The great thing about these wine bungee ties is the you can use it for longer and thicker cords.(Check out even more wine cork projects!)

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13. Ziploc Bags and Storage Bins for the WIN!

If your cable stash is large Ziploc baggies and plastic bins are the easiest way to corral those cords. This organization system is phenomenal and makes life so much easier! The smaller electronic cords are sorted into baggies and put into one bin while the larger electric cords are in a bin all by themselves. Keeping all these cords separated means no tangles!

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14.Lego Figure Cord Holders for Extra FUN!

This isn’t an organization tip so much as an amazingly fun way to keep your cables in place — use Lego figures! This is so cool and so fun! Who wouldn’t want these lego guys keeping watch over your computer while holding the cords in place? The only drawback of this great hack is if you have small children, the Lego figures may leave their post now and then!

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15. PVC Piping is Perfect for these DIY Cord Organizers

Heavy cords require a heavy duty solution. The old way of hanging these electric cords on nails can create some problems. The nails could cause damage and often longer cords won’t stay on the nails! Why not create these super sturdy hangers for all your cords out of PVC piping. This is a great storage hack for any garage or storage room.

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See, a solution for every cord entanglement problem. No matter the room, no matter the container, you can end the tangled cord battle forever. You’re good to go, as long as you replace the organizing device when done with the cord. Because, well, that would just add another whole layer to your cord storage problems!

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15 DIY Cord Organizers to Keep Your Wires and Cables Untangled (2024)


How do you keep cords untangled? ›

You start off with the right hand and then you make one regular loop. Then you take your left hand and you turn it under and you create an under-loop and then you just keep alternating it over, under, over and under until you reach the end. Now, your cord is in a complete loop and you don't have crimps in the wires.

How do you keep cords separated? ›

Here are some things that'll help you keep your cords organized:
  1. Bread tags. These are small and unobtrusive and you can write with a fine-tipped Sharpie on them to designate what your cords go with. ...
  2. Masking tape. ...
  3. Zip-tie tags. ...
  4. Velcro cable labels. ...
  5. Label tags.
Sep 24, 2022

How do I organize wires and keep them? ›

When you're out of cable ties or One-Wraps and need a short-term solution for organizing cables, painter's tape or masking tape can help tame them. Use painter's tape to hold cords against the back of a desk, a wall, or the underside of a table without worrying about damaging the surface.


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