29 Best Venison Recipes (2024)

This is a collection of the 29 best venison recipes you will find online. Recipes refined by a hunter, for hunters.

This website currently boasts a collection of hundred of recipes. However, there are none I am more proud of than the delicious venison recipes I have personally crafted and refined - a number of which, have become some of the most popular venison recipes online.

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I put a lot of pride and effort into being an avid hunter, and I put an equal amount of dedication into ensuring my whitetail deer meat is utilized to its most flavorful potential. These easy venison recipes allow me to savor my hunt long after the season has ended. Perhaps they will become part of your hunting tradition as well.

Venison Backstraps, Tenderloin, and Steak Recipes

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The most celebrated venison cuts are the backstraps and tenderloins. Backstraps are the larger strip of meat running down the spine (hence 'back' strap), and the tenderloin is the smaller and more 'tender' strip of meat that can be pulled out from inside the rib cage.

Hunters often use these terms incorrectly and interchangeably, however, the recipes for each can typically be substituted for each other. Just keep in mind backstraps will take longer to cook then tenderloins, so adjust accordingly.

1. Roasted Venison Loin with a Balsamic Pan Sauce

Roasted venison loin works well with backstrap, or tenderloin if you reduce the cooking time accordingly. This elegant dinner is perfect for a special occasion.

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2. Smoked Venison

This smoked venison surprises the taste buds with a bright citrus marinade dancing among the deep smoking flavors. This smoked venison roast recipe is perfect for slicing up for sandwiches too!

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3. Venison Stroganoff

A hearty venison stroganoff is not only classic comfort food, it is one of my favorite ways to enjoy venison. Egg noodles smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce fortified with sour cream is absolutely incredible and your whole family will love it!

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4. Venison Pot Pie

Venison pot pie is a stick-to-your-ribs meal that will also warm your soul on those cold winter days. You can customize this delicious recipe by adding your favorite vegetables.

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5. Marinated Venison Tenderloin

This flavorful marinade was designed specifically to go with the unique flavor of deer meat. You can customize this recipe in different ways too. I recommend also making this marinade with whiskey!

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6. Chicken Fried Venison

You had me at deep fried venison. Seriously, is there anything better than breaded venison steak cooked up in a cast-iron skillet and then smothered in a luxurious gravy?

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7. Fried Venison Cutlets

These breaded and fried venison culets make a tasty meal to enjoy on their own, or they'll make incredible breaded venison sandwiches.

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8. Corned Venison

Corning venison steaks and roasts aren't as hard as it seems and makes delicious venison Rueben sandwiches!

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9. Venison Cheesesteaks

Venison cheesesteaks may be my all-time favorite sandwich. Slice the venison steak thin and pile it on a hoagie roll with sauteed bell peppers and onions, yes please!

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10. Venison Stir Fry

This easy venison stir fry is a great weeknight meal and can be customized to use your favorite stir fry vegetables.

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Venison Stew Recipes

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Cuts of venison from all across the deer can be used for making great soups and stews. I utilizethe neck, shanks, and ground meat for these recipes. I particularly love using cuts with sinew and silverskin (like the shank) for soups and stews because it melts away while the venison simmers, helping to fortify the broth. As a general rule, if you can see through the silverskin, you can leave it on the meat when running it through the grinder or using it in a stew.

11. Venison Stew

This hearty venison stew is loaded with mushrooms and potatoes. A perfect family meal to make in the Dutch oven on those dreary winter days. You are going to want to grab some crusty bread for sopping up the hearty broth!

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12. Beer Braised Venison Neck Roast

The neck meat is one of the most overlooked cuts of the deer. Keep it whole and braise it until it is mouthwateringly tender and falling apart. You will be blown away by the rich flavor.

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13. Venison Chili

This hearty venison chili is a family favorite and a deer camp staple. This has been hailed as the best venison chili recipe on the internet. It is also the perfect recipe to hide any gamey flavor in your meat. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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14. Fruit and Bean Venison Stew

If you are craving something a little different, give this stew a try that features the bright flavors of tomatoes, apples, and prunes.

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15. Venison Pot Roast

Incredibly fork-tender venison roast smothered in a thick brown gravy loaded with mushrooms. It doesn't get much better than this!

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16. Slow Cooker Venison Stew

I can't get enough of the tender gnocchi dumpling mingling with the mushrooms and fresh herbs in this stew. Grab your crock pot because the flavor is off the charts!

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17. Venison Goulash

If you are looking for a hearty meal loaded with delicious pantry staples, this American-style venison goulash will be a hit with your whole family. Inexpensive ingredients and loaded with flavor, what else could you want?

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Ground Venison Recipes

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There is nothing I like having a greater stockpile of than ground venison in my freezer. It is the most versatile part of the deer. I recommend having yourvenison ground with 20% pork for beef fat. I prefer pork fat for sausages and beef fat for most other applications. Blending venison with fat is important because fat carries flavor, makes the meat more moist, and prevents it from crumbling apart when cooked.

18. Venison Burgers

This detailed tutorial will make you an expert at crafting your own homemade venison burgers. The big difference you'll notice is when you start using the proper fat ratio in your venison burger recipe.

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19. Venison Meatloaf

Is there anything better than a classic meatloaf? Yes! Meatloaf made with venison, of course! This recipe works great with any other wild game meats.

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20. Venison Meatballs

Tender venison meatballs are perfect for adding to pasta sauce, or use them to make venison meatball subs, or venison Swedish meatballs.

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21. Grinding Venison

Learning how to process your own deer can be intimidating, but you will be surprised to learn how easy it is to grind your own homemade venison.

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22. How to Make Venison Sausage

If you grind your own venison at home, the next logical step is to make your own homemade deer sausage. This how-to guide will walk you through the whole process, which is more simple than you may expect!

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23. Venison Bacon

If you have never tried venison bacon you need to put this recipe on your to-do list. It is technically a sausage that is sliced thin like bacon, and pan-fried until crisp.

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24. Venison Breakfast Sausage

This easy recipe uses fresh herbs, which really makes all of the difference. Your family is going to want this for breakfast every day!

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25. Best Venison Burger

When I make burgers with deer meat at home, this is my go-to burger recipe. This is a restaurant-caliber gourmet burger that is loaded with caramelized onions, smoked Gouda cheese, and a special burger sauce.

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26. Ground Venison Jerky

Make your own homemade jerky for deer camp with this incredibly easy recipe. Best of all, this jerky can be made with almost any type of ground meat.

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Deer Organ Meat Recipes

27. Pan Fried Deer Heart

Quickly cooking your deer heart in a skillet loaded with butter, garlic, and fresh herbs is a simple and delicious way to get more organ meat in your diet!

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28. Pickled Deer Heart

Pickling venison heart is one of my favorite treats. You'll want to bring this tasty treat to deer camp to share with everyone, but if you horde it for yourself, I won't tell!

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29. Ground Venison Tacos

Bring taco Tuesday to the next level with this easy venison tacos recipe using ground deer meat. These are great on hard shells or fresh tortillas.

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Venison Recipes

I hope you guys enjoyed the collection of my best venison recipes. I will continue to add to this list as more venison recipes are published. In the meantime, hunt safe and continue on the tradition.

If you enjoyed these venison recipes then you should probably like me on Facebook and follow me on Pinterest too. That’s what I would do at least, and if you are willing to take my advice on the food you put into your body you should probably follow my advice on that too.

29 Best Venison Recipes (2024)


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