Kirawira serena camp | Serengeti National Park | Tanzania Safaris Tours (2024)

Kirawira serena camp is a luxury tented safari accommodation found in the western corridor of the famous Serengeti national park in northern Tanzania. The camp is close to Grumeti River on a hilltop perfect to witness the Great Migration, abundant wildlife and the savannah Plains of Serengeti. One can be at the camp taking approximately 6 hours’ drive from Arusha town to Serengeti national park and 1-2 hours to fly from arusha to the close grumeti airstrip then 13km drive to be transferred to the camp..

Kirawira serena camp consists of 25 widely spaced luxury and comfortable en-suite tents raised on deck overlooking over the sweeping Serengeti plains reflecting traditional building style with high level of Comfort.

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Tents are well decorated, elevated on a raised platform and furnished with en-suite facilities of Clean flushing toilet, bathroom with hot and cold running water, sink and showers , solar energy available, wood chair and table, beds wrapped with mosquito nets, free toiletries, complementary bottled water to mention but a few .Tents have verandas and sitting area , you relax while overlooking the spectacular view over the great migration, Serengeti plains and surrounding areas. Tents are equipped with excellent clean and washed beddings with queen and king sized poster beds. Tents vary in different sizes with single beds for individuals, double bed/ twins for sharing and family tent. The camp has Cracking fireplaces where guests can relax and share stories and experience of the safari while on BBQ and sundowner not only that it also provides warmth to the guests during cold days.

Kirawira Serena camp offers different services and facilities which include.;

A dinning area in the main Tent that serves different meals both continental and local cuisine that meets guests appetite. They serve Continental breakfast, picnic lunch and diners served by Friendly, welcoming and organized staff with skilled chef. You can have meals in any place of you choice either in the bush or at the lodge. They serve bush dinners overlooking the stars in the sky and morning breakfast enjoying the morning sunrises.

A well- stocked bar with a shared lounge offering good selection of both soft and hard refreshments like beers, sodas, wines ,water etc , you relax in Terraces which is the perfect place and sip the co*cktail while enjoying the spectacular views over the endless Serengeti plains ,wildlife beast migration and surrounding areas, During evening u relax on terraces/sundowners while overlooking Serengeti sunset from distant hills .

A Blue water swimming Pool that cools the hot Serengeti afternoon especially after game drive with pool side beds, you relax in water while sipping a co*cktail overlooking Serengeti plains and surrounding landscape

Services include; camp offers a laundry and house -keeping services, Airport transfers and pickups since the camp is close to the airstrips, ample parking space.

Wifi internet hotspot available at the camp that enables guests to keep in contact with their families and friends.

Activities to do while at the camp; game drive that will give you a chance to see wide range of Animals , hot air ballooning, nature walks in the park, birding /bird watching ,walking night safaris.

Serengeti national park is situated in Tanzania extending southern part of Kenya / that’s the Serengeti and Mara ecosystem in simiyu region . The park is among the popular and famous parks in Tanzania covering 5700 square miles stretching north to Kenya and bordering Lake Victoria to the west. June – October are the best periods to be in Serengeti national park since its dry season , it offers best wildlife viewing when wild beast are moving seeking for pasture and water. It’s annually migration of wild beasts.

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The park contains over 70 big mammals like Buffaloes , elephants, crocodiles, zebras, lions, leopards, Impalas , Giraffes , antelopes mention but a few and 500 species of birds like; Flamingos , ostriches , grey breasted spur fowl, Kori bustard, secretary birds and many more which enables more tourists to visit the park and stay for along time. its 60$ to enter the park. There are more activities to do while in the park and at the lodge which include; Game drive in the park which enables you to spot different animals, nature walks in the park, Hot air balloon rides that gives good view of the Serengeti plains at 500$ per person , hand craft safaris, Camping , Flying safaris, cultural visits in the villages, Bird watching, traditional dances, see wildebeest migration, etc. The park has different accommodations ; Budget , mid range and luxury lodges that are convenient and affordable to each guests visiting Serengeti .The park has some other attractions like; Olduvai Gorge, Moru Kopjes, grumeti river, seronera river and many others

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Kirawira serena camp | Serengeti National Park | Tanzania Safaris Tours (2024)


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