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Right in the secluded corner of the salient Serengeti, located in the legendary Western Corridor, is one of the most exclusive safari retreat – Kirawira Serena Camp (previously know as Kirawira Tented Camp). If you are planning an Africa trip, then make sure that this heavenly slice of Tanzania combined with the Ngorongoro Crater are on the very top of your destination list.

Serengeti offer a window to the annual event that is known as the “Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth” – the migration of over a million wildebeests and thousands of zebras through the western border of the Serengeti National Park leading the way to the north with a goal of reaching Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

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The style of the Kirawira Camp is evocative of the elegance and charm of yesteryear hunting camps - quietly sophisticated, luxurious, and tastefully rustic. It offers the most discerning guest the chance of a lifetime to experience the intoxicating charms of nature’s wildest Africa, in the absolute lap of luxury on their Serengeti tour.

The camp offers 25 of the most exclusive, spacious and lavishly appointed tents, designed in classic Edwardian style, all selectively placed for the ultimate privacy and personal experience. AfricanMecca guests can relax under a vast African sunset at the glamorous old-world styled bar, perched on a rustic stone terrace, looking out at the sweeping panorama of the western heart of the Serengeti, after a world-class five-course dinner, presented in the full silver service dining tents.

Accommodation At Kirawira Serena Camp

The definitive theme of colonial-styled luxury and opulence is evident in every detail of this luxurious tented camp in Serengeti. Each of the 25 exclusive luxury tent has been designed and built with the utmost privacy in mind, with its exceptional indulgence rustic design blending each of the frill tents into the African wild. Each of the generously spacious tents, raised high on sturdy timber platforms, gives you an unparalleled sweeping view of the raw African wild surroundings. Each hand-furnished viewing deck opens out into a stunning tented bedroom that is furnished with solid antiques.

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Complete with a vintage escritoire, sprawling Persian mats, charming brass reading lamps, stacked steamer-trunks and antique sepia photographs, the elegant decor includes a lavish four-poster bed and hand-sewn patchwork quilts. Each one of the individually appointed luxury tent is complete with its own personal valet to ensure that the needs of discerning guests are met while on their Serengeti safari with AfricanMecca. Each luxury tent is fitted with a deluxe en-suite bathroom fit for royalty, with hand-carved mahogany furnishings, wooden floors, marble basin fittings and every possible luxury modern amenity you would require on your Tanzania tour.

The beautifully appointed camp opens out into a glamorous Edwardian-style lounge area, stylishly furnished with graceful chaise lounges, stud-backed smoking chairs, classical rugs, and hand-carved mahogany rocking chairs. All set amongst a vintage backdrop of wind-up phonographs, leather traveling cases and brass shooting sticks. Kirawira Camp immediately gives you the feeling that you have stepped right back in time to an Edwardian hunting camp in the bush ready to head out on an Africa safari – this time to photo shoot only - sport hunters are not welcome!

Safari At Kirawira Serena Camp

Daily game drives are taken early in the morning before breakfast or even after for those who cannot wait, and in the late afternoon through early evening when the animals are moving around to settle and close their end of day schedule. Knowledgeable AfricanMecca game guides offer insights and information about the area and the animals you may encounter. Each drive has refreshments on board and safari guides are hooked up with radio links to share wildlife reports in order to track interest based fauna based on trails, thuds and last detections.

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While you are on your African tour, it would be ideal to combine a game drive in the late afternoon with bush sundowners in the early evening. Expect to be enthralled during this Africa travel to the Serengeti, where you will be privy to over 15,000 square kilometers of sweeping African plains, home to an abundance of wild African animals including the Big 5. The legendary annual wildebeest migration takes place in the Western Corridor of the Serengeti every year from April to June (see best times to visit), and remains the region's most famous attraction for any traveler to Tanzania.

Along with the chance to get up close and personal on the ground with canines such as lions, cheetahs, hyenas, leopards, and herbivores such giraffes, elands, warthogs, impalas, gazelles, buffalos, hippos on the ground, you can view the animals from an exciting balloon safari and also head out to fish in the breathtaking Lake Victoria – add on option. Let the natural glory of the heart of Africa enthrall you in an unforgettable trip to Kirawira in the Serengeti National Park.

Dining At Kirawira Serena Camp

Regal twin dining tents give way to a magical scene in the elegance of the Edwardian era. Smiling staff, dressed to the nines in traditional Swahili turbans and long white flowing robes, almost appear to sweep you to your table, which is laid with everything of the very best full silver service that dining has to offer. Fine bone white and blue china, crisp white linens and full silver elegance await you at your seat. Sumptuous menu offers full five-course dining with the very best in both authentic South African and European cuisine.

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Freshly brewed Arabica coffee wafts through the dining area at breakfast where a full English-style meal is served. Dinner is an extravagant affair, offering world-class dining choices accompanied by an extensive award-winning South African and international wine list. In the fully serviced kitchen, the best chefs in Africa, trained at internationally renowned African and Swiss culinary institutions, are at work preparing the varied and delicious menus. Specialty meals can be catered to with advance requests to AfricanMecca Safaris.

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Bush dining is an experience all its own, and while you are experiencing your Tanzania safari, this is one part that must not be missed. Trek out to the heart of the bush at dawn for a hearty African breakfast, crisp white linen table cloths, freshly squeezed orange juice and a fully kitted out bush kitchen on hand to ensure that your day begins spectacularly. Lunches and dinners are an extra special experience with a full bush bar accompanying the bush kitchen, co*cktails and meals prepared on site, while sundowners are enjoyed by a roaring African campfire, followed by dinner by romantic lamp light underneath starry skies of the Serengeti plains.

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Kirawira Serena Camp, Serengeti Tanzania - AfricanMecca Safaris & Tours (2024)


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