Spirit of the Dream - Nashville, Tennessee (2024)

Welcome to the sixth annual

June 9, 2024 | Nashville, Tennessee

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Join us for the sixth annualSt. Jude Spirit of the Dream, where Nashville celebrates the achievements of African Americans who embody the lifesaving mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and its founder, Danny Thomas.

Enjoy hors d'oeuvres, drinks and live entertainment while St. Jude recognizes recipients of the Spirit of the Dream award, which honors individuals or groups that uphold a legacy of hope and generosity. Celebrate the magic of St. Jude with a St. Jude patient presentation and Give to Live program.

All proceeds from this event help further the lifesaving mission of St. Jude: Finding cures. Saving children.®


Nashville City Winery
609 Lafayette Street
Nashville, TN 37203

Date and Time

June 9, 2024
4:30 p.m.

Attire: co*cktail

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St. Jude provides comprehensive care and health equality for children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. We tailor treatment for each child's unique needs, improving outcomes for some of the world’s sickest children.

St. Jude patient Kenadiewith her mom

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By partnering with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and sponsoring this event, you will align your company name with the strong, nationally recognized St. Jude mission and brand, and instill pride in your employees, consumers, vendors and company executives.

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Mare Rote

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See more stories from St. Jude:

  • Born with sickle cell disease, Za’Mya thrives in care of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Mom credits St. Jude for the life her daughter is able to lead and includes its supporters among her family and village.
  • More than 10 years after a cancer diagnosis, an independent St. Jude patient is ready to ‘fly’  Kayla’s mom worried a cancer diagnosis and treatment that followed would change the person her daughter was meant to be.
  • With St. Jude on his team, Emmanuel worked hard and kept the faith on the football field 'Root for that guy,' says Emmanuel's high school coach.
  • St. Jude patient takes her first steps for the second time St. Jude mom cheers as Eri’Elle learns to walk again
  • St. Jude continues to chart progress in how to understand and treat sickle cell disease Pioneering work in St. Jude labs provides "promising" path to a cure using gene editing.
  • Like learning to walk, ‘I just always knew about St. Jude’ Through workplace, family and fraternity, David McKinney has been a lifelong supporter of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Now, he’s encouraging his 6-year-old son to join the mission.

Finding cures. Saving children.® Everywhere.

St. Jude cares for some of the world’s sickest children regardless of their race, ethnicity, beliefs, or ability to pay.Ourpatients receive thecustomizedcare they need to treat childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases, no matter what barriers they may face.

Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped raise the survival rate for children with cancer in the United States, where more than 4 out of 5 children survive cancer. In many developing countries, however, fewer than 1 out of 5 children diagnosed with cancer will survive. We won’t stop until no child dies from cancer, no matter where they live.

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Every dollar makes a difference*

  1. ... could help provide one day of oxygen for a St. Jude patient*

    St. Judepatients may need oxygen to help their bodies function properly and aid in healing.

    Donate $250

  2. ... could help provide four walkers for St. Jude patients*

    Walkers provide St. Jude patients with stability and support, making it easier for them to walk after surgery.

    Donate $500

  3. ... could help cover about two-thirds of the cost of one day of chemotherapy*

    Treatments developed at St. Jude have helped push overall survival rates for childhood cancers from 20 percent when the hospital opened in 1962 to more than 80 percent today.

    Donate $1,000

  4. ... could help provide an ultrasound study for a St. Jude patient*

    An ultrasound study is among the diagnostic imaging tests that doctors use to diagnose and monitor disease and treatment.

    Donate $2,500

  5. ... could help cover the cost of the daily room rate of the ICU*

    The Intensive Care Unit atSt. Judehastwice been recognizedwiththe Beacon Award for Critical Care Excellence given by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. In 2009, theSt. JudeICU became Tennessee’s first ICU to win the honor.

    Donate $5,000

  6. Support of our mission

    Any amount supports kids around the world.St. Jude shares the breakthroughs it makes, and every child saved at St. Jude means doctors and scientists worldwide can use that knowledge to save even more children.*

    Donate Any Amount

* Your donation will be used to provide breakthrough research, treatment and cures. Items listed here are representative of services and supplies that are part of the treatment and care of children atSt. Jude. The cost of each item or service is an approximation, and will vary based on actual costs incurred and individual patient needs. Your donation will be used for the general operating needs ofSt. Jude,where no family ever receives a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food.

View information about tax-deductible donations.

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Other ways you can get involved:

  • Shop the Gift Shop Help St. Jude kids by shopping in the St. Jude Gift Shop. Find presents that make a difference for your friends and family and help end childhood cancer.
  • Employer donation match Find out if you can double the impact of your donation to St. Jude through your employer's matching gifts program.
  • Explore online auctions Explore online charity auctions for vacations, events, collector’s items and more while giving back to St. Jude
  • Donor-advised funds You can help save lives when you contribute to a donor-advised fund (DAF) and grant to St. Jude through it.
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Spirit of the Dream - Nashville, Tennessee (2024)


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